According to the market forecast of AIMultiple, an emerging portal that performs transparent and data-driven research on technologies like AI, IoT, RPA, etc., the AI and chatbot industry is booming. Their reports depict the following estimations:

· Chatbots save about $0.70 per interaction

· The global chatbot market may reach $1.3 Billion by the year 2025

· Almost 50% of large-scale companies are thinking of investing in the chatbots

It is evident from these numbers that machine learning and AI-based chatbots are becoming a new craze in the industrial world.

The healthcare sector too has leveraged this technology. In 2021…

Event apps were launched as a lucrative option for capitalizing on the ever-increasing dependence on smartphone apps, replacing paper event guides, and providing an environment-friendly replacement over conventional event materials. These applications have evolved with time and today, enterprise-branded multi-event apps have become an integral part of a company’s event-planning and event management strategy.

Multi-Event App solutions are gradually replacing the erstwhile single event app. The reason is obvious! Single event apps cannot be reused for future events and need to be unpublished after the event gets over. Multi-event solutions, on the other hand, enable organizers to house multiple events…

An Application Programming Interface, commonly known as API, refers to an intermediary that enables the exchange of information between two independent software components/platforms and ensures that the information reaches the right place. An API acts as a mediator between the external and internal software functions; making the information exchange process as seamless as possible. It not only offers protocols, tools, and routines to software app developers but also allows one to extract and share data in an accessible way.

APIs are indispensable in the realm of software development, but at the same time are highly vulnerable to attacks by hackers…

It is interesting to watch how the healthcare sector has evolved over the years. In the 1950s, physicians and doctors would make calls to the patients for delivering the best possible healthcare services to them. And today, in the year 2021, this trend seems to have returned where the doctors and physicians are reaching out to the patients, for providing them the best patient experience.

Moreover, the home care providing industry is growing leaps and bounds in the United States. The top reasons behind the revenue growth of this industry are the aging population in the US, rising acceptance of…

Running a business enterprise is rewarding but overwhelming at the same time. This is the reason several business owners choose to outsource app development and other administrative functions.

Take a look at these interesting 2021 stats concerning outsourcing published by the online portal

· The U.S. outsources approximately, 300,000 jobs every year

· 70% of entrepreneurs outsource for reducing costs.

Outsourcing business operations have become a current trend and it has been observed that the offshore software development model is the most preferred option. However, the most intriguing question that baffles entrepreneurs is; “When is the right time to…

The demand curve for medical mobile apps continues to soar as smartphone apps are the most preferred tools for obtaining any product or service. The healthcare app users enjoy the following advantages:

· Scheduling/postponing/canceling appointments, selecting the doctor/specialist of their choice, and receiving emergency help instantly

· Receiving reminders/updates related to prescription refills and appointments via notifications

· Accessing electronic therapeutic records and lab test outcomes

· Tracking health parameters such as blood glucose levels, cholesterol, height, weight, etc.

· Downloading as well as transferring medical reports like X-ray/ultrasound scans, MRI reports, etc.

Every medical service provider would like to…

On-Demand App Development Company

In today’s era of digitalization, consumers are accustomed to receiving instant solutions to anything and everything at their fingertips. This customer expectation is perfectly fulfilled by On-demand app solutions. As the name indicates, on-demand apps enable customers to receive services/ products at their desired location as and when they demand; with just a few clicks on the smartphones.

Such services are immensely advantageous to customers and providers owing to the following reasons:

  • Instant access to smart search, suitable payment methodologies, and real-time tracking
  • Prompt delivery leading to customer satisfaction
  • A budget-friendly option for consumers and providers unanimously
  • Higher revenue generation…

Security vulnerabilities can cause massive disasters. To cite an example, let’s consider a case study of the Stuxnet worm that was first detected in the year 2010. However, this malicious computer worm had made its first attack in the year 2006, and later in the year 2009, it was executed for a huge operation. In 2009, this worm was used like a cyber-weapon for targeting several data acquisition and control systems and destructing the machinery in nuclear systems. This IoT attack proved enormously catastrophic.

Here are a few more scenarios where cyber-criminals can attempt and have attempted in the past…

The digital revolution has gifted the healthcare industry with pioneering healthcare app solutions that have transformed its functioning altogether. Owing to their innumerable advantages, Healthcare Mobile Apps have been widely adopted by practitioners, patients, medical facilities, and insurance providers.

Here are some numbers concerning the market size of these healthcare apps:

“As predicted by Statista, the market size for mHealth applications is going to exceed 50 Billion USD by the year 2025.”

This humongous demand for mHealth apps indicates that the Healthcare Mobile App Development market is booming with opportunities for businesses enterprises.

But, designing a flawless medical app solution…

Event apps or virtual conference platforms have completely transformed the way how events used to be conducted. Here are some interesting scenarios:

· Angel Capital Association, a renowned organization based in Washington DC, made use of a modern-day event application for proactively conducting their annual summit virtually, which used to be held in-person otherwise. This enabled the organization to offer networking opportunities to the participants as well as marketing exposure to the event sponsors.

· ICANN, an American nonprofit organization and multi-stakeholder group, based in Los Angeles, CA, had planned for an in-person event, but owing to the ‘stay at…

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