Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development- Benefits and Drawbacks

Martha Jones
3 min readJan 30, 2020

Today, cross-platform mobile app development has gained a lot of attention among businesses. Why? Well, two types of app development approaches exist- native and cross-platform. Native apps are written for particular platforms like iOS or Android. Developing a native app for both the platforms- Android and iOS requires the writing of two separate codes. However, this is not the case in cross-platform mobile app development. Here, a single code is written for the apps to work on both platforms. One can target a wider range of audiences in one go. Cross-platform apps are compatible with multiple operating systems and they can run on any smartphone or tablet.

However, it has always been challenging for business owners to decide whether to develop a native app or go for cross-platform apps. Cross-platform app development has its pros and cons. If you think cross-platform is the right choice for you, this article will help you to take an appropriate decision.

Advantages of Cross-platform mobile app development

Code Reusability:
Cross-platform mobile app developers don’t need to write unique code for different platforms. One code can be customized and used for all platforms. The developers will just need to write one program and then deploy on different operating systems on which the app will be used. This code may also be used in bits in any future projects.

Faster Development:
Cross-platform development helps you speed up the pace of developing an app on multiple platforms. By reusing the code base, developers are spared from the task of rewriting the code from scratch every time. It helps to attain product delivery in a lesser time-frame compared to the traditional approach.

Reduced Developmental Costs:
Many businesses don’t prefer building apps because of the high costs involved in app development. However, cross-platform mobile app development is comparatively less costly as only a single code base is used for developing the apps. Businesses can get apps working on various mobile operating systems without spending huge costs on development.

Wider Audience Reach:
As the app will be deployed on multiple app stores at a time, enterprises can market them in different places and reach a larger audience at once. The app will be available on platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, etc. simultaneously and thus can reach a larger audience.

Disadvantages of cross-platform mobile app development

Though cross-platform development has a vast number of benefits, yet we can’t deny that there are some drawbacks as well. Some of the cons that you should know are:

Issues with User Experience:
A shared code affects the user experience of the apps. Cross-platform apps may not be able to take advantage of native-only features. Every platform has unique features and styles, but in cross-platform apps, developers won’t be able to employ the unique capabilities of the individual platforms.

Vendor Lock-in:
When it comes to switching to a new platform, it might be tiresome at times. For instance, different cross-platform frameworks will have their own versions of JavaScript codes. So, this code may not be reusable while switching to another platform.

Issues with Integration:
Integrating your app with local settings, notifications and preferences is not easy. For diverse storage options, you may need to use third-party cloud service.

Long Wait Times for New Updates:
Whenever a new feature is added for a particular operating system, it could take some time for the framework to reflect the same. The framework you use may not be updated with all the latest features of the latest version of releases.

The Bottom Line:
The above-mentioned pros and cons of cross-platform mobile app development will help you in deciding whether you should go for it or not. Most companies prefer cross-platform mobile app development services because of its cost-effectiveness and faster development speeds.

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