Top Advantages of Native Mobile App Development for Businesses!

Martha Jones
4 min readMar 31, 2020

Building a dedicated mobile app is not an option anymore. It has become a necessity, rather a priority for businesses. However, it is often difficult to decide whether to go for native mobile app development or choose cross-platform development. This decision depends on various factors like budget, time limit, performance and many more. However, in this article, we will be stressing upon the reasons and the benefits of developing native apps. Before that, let us get a brief glimpse of a native mobile app development approach.

What is Native Mobile App Development?
In the native approach, the code is written and the app is developed only for a specific operating system like iOS or Android. The end users can access the apps from dedicated stores like Google Play or the App Store. Such apps can use the device-specific hardware like camera, GPS, microphone, etc. Native apps do not require any external help from other browsers or tools for their launching. Their data is stored in a cloud service or in the memory of the gadget.

For native iOS app development, the developers use programming languages like Swift or Objective-C. On the other hand, native Android app development requires programming in languages like Java or Kotlin.

Benefits of creating Native Mobile Apps

Secure and Reliable
Native apps are known for their reliability and security. These apps make use of the core languages while programming for any specific platform which provide better protection against security violations. Also, it is easier to evaluate risks in native apps. These apps offer proactive performance and security upgrades. Using multi-factor authentication is easier in these apps, which adds to its security. The native app development companies can have an embedded certification for averting a man-in-the-middle attack. They also offer remote management controls on individual devices which have the ability to even wipe out the app and its data remotely, if required.

More Intuitive and Interactive
Native apps run smoothly when it comes to user input and output. These apps can also inherit the OS interfaces and look like they are an integrated part of the device itself. Native apps are quite interactive and intuitive in nature as they are developed for a particular operating system. They stick to the guidelines of the OS while development. So, the apps have specific UI standards of the OS and the users can feel a natural flow while using the app. They can interact with the apps and grasp the concepts easily. This allows learning the apps quickly and performing various actions swiftly.

Optimum Performance
Native mobile apps have a powerful and fast performance and have a great operational efficiency. As they are programmed using the core programming languages and APIs for any platform, they are highly proficient and have the ability to use the features of that platform to the fullest. These platform-specific apps utilize the processing speed of the device to its maximum potential. Also, the load times of these apps are lower, ensuring a top-notch performance.

Better Mobile Hardware Integration
As discussed earlier, native apps take full advantage of the hardware features of the device (like GPS, microphone, camera, etc.) and the operating system. They have better mobile hardware integration and so, are faster in the execution of the processes. Another advantage of native apps is push notifications.

Better UI/UX Experience
The native apps are the best when it comes to user experience. They access the hardware features of devices for better performance aspects. These apps maintain aspect ratio for ensuring good quality of the visuals. They have a better control over size, orientation and resolution. These apps provide a seamless experience to users, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaways:
It is clear looking at the above advantages that native mobile app development is a highly preferred choice as compared to other approaches. Cross-platform apps offer flexibility in the UI design, however, they lack in providing responsive and fast UX. Native apps are great and reward brilliantly in the long run. No wonder, mobile app development companies continue to get an increasing demand for native apps in the market.

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